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eSports is a rapidly growing industry that, at its core, is a sporting event. However, instead of teams meeting inside physical fields, they meet through digital arenas on the computer, console, and even phone. While not new, eSports has exploded in popularity due to multiple variables. Access to better technology & the internet globally, increased time spent inside due to the pandemic, a larger audience drawing in sponsors and advertisers for funding, etc. eSports revenue hit around $906 million in 2018, and has grown to $1.08 billion in 2021. 


Shamrock Gaming Co. is an organization that seeks to bring the look and feel of these grandiose tournaments to a more local setting. Shamrock Gaming currently has a few sponsors but is looking to implement a more “professional” brand that stands out in an rapidly growing industry. The rebrand should implement a look and feel familiar to the current eSports atmosphere. This will also allow spectators to remember their viewing experiences as a distinct and memorable one. The primary target audience will be video game enthusiasts. While the age range is inclusive of everyone, the current market seems to cater towards men ages 18-34 with a leaning towards men. The current makeup of eSports is approximately 70% male - 30% female.

Shamrock Gaming

Shamrock Gaming was established to bring the fun of gaming with your friends to the masses. Originally created as a tournament organizer, we have since expanded to community game nights, content creation, podcasts, and much more! With over 150+ members, multiple pro teams, and weekly game nights, there's sure to be something for everyone!

Shamrock Gaming was created by Ty Pierce out of Byron, GA. However with a unique market such as eSports, physical location doesn't have an impact on the business. This means that the scope of this project focus mainly on an online marketing setting.

Ayywon Picture.png

Target Audience

When it comes to eSports, the obvious target audience is "Gamers". However this paints a broad stroke on the actual fanbase of these tournaments. This audience are typically well off with a passion for specific games and niche interests. This is an audience that participates in the games themselves, but also interacts with the professional players & personalities outside of the games. While there's no limit on the demographics, the current makeup of the eSports viewer is 18-34 year olds with a 70% male makeup.



  • To independently research, design and produce a logo, website, stinger transitions, sports jersey and social media marketing material for Shamrock Gaming. 

  • To thoroughly research current branding of the eSports atmosphere and develop a cohesive brand presence for Shamrock Gaming that feels recognizable

  • To create an overarching brand that stems from my design research

  • To implement knowledge of previous design courses to further guide & influence my work in an independent setting

  • To articulate design choices on a topic that peers may not be familiar with

  • To analyze critique from peers & faculty and perform adjustments to process my work

  • To build a cohesive brand structure for an existing company that feels recognizable, but refreshed & exciting

  • To defend my design & process choices during faculty review

Tournament Poster #2.jpg

Research Synopsis

The research for this design problem was curated through already existing brands within the eSports industry, physical sports brands, and the already existing company of Shamrock Gaming. The current design “theme” within eSports is heavily movement and action based. With vibrant colors and kinetic typography, every portion of the design needs to scream excitement.

As shown along side, this mood board describes interactive imagery and typography. Since there are multiple organizations that play within one game, and one organization can span many games, it is vital to create a strong branding through these images with color and typography.


Process Narrative

To come up with the color palette, I looked extensively into current brand books for other organizations. With a name like Shamrock gaming, green is an obvious choice, but I wanted to pull from that something more than what’s expected. So with the rebrand, I chose a mid range green to serve as the base value, a neutral black and a highlight and shadow gray to allow for consistency across any medium. Past the color palette, I created symbolism surrounding the question "Is it better to be lucky or to be skilled?" I wanted there to be no doubts about it.

Skill. Not Luck.

Process Logo.jpg


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